The Poly-Pros concrete lifting division provides concrete lifting services for:

– Sidewalks      – Driveways         – Patios

– Garage Pads        – Steps

Poly Pros Concrete Lifting Fixing Concrete Services Before and After

Poly-Pros Sidewalk Concrete Polyurethane Foam  Lifting - Before

A Cracked and Uneven Sidewalk Before Being Repaired by Poly-Pros


Poly-Pros Sidewalk Concrete Polyurethane Foam Lifting - After

The Same Sidewalk After Being Repaired Using Poly Lifting

When you request a consultation and estimate from Poly-Pros, some information is required to better assist you:

– A brief description of the issue

– Your phone number

– Your e-mail address

– Job address (required to set up a no obligation on-site consultation with a Poly-Pros representative)

A Poly-Pros representative will provide an assessment of the affected area(s), along with an estimate for work to be completed.

Phone: (780) 756-2589

Email: info@poly-pros.com

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Poly lifting/foam jacking is an economical alternative to replacing concrete. Concrete replacement is very expensive and time consuming. Poly lifting is a fraction of the cost compared to concrete replacement, and areas that have been lifted with polyurethane foam are ready for use almost immediately. The poly lifting process will only take a few hours to complete, and the surrounding areas will be left unaffected by the process.