The Poly-Pros Concrete Lifting Process


The customer contacts the Poly-Pros concrete lifting division to request a consultation and estimate.


Phone: (780) 756-2589



Site Prep:Brian Drilling Holes

Upon arrival, equipment will be set up and holes will be measured and marked.


Hole Drilling:

5/8″ Holes will be drilled through the concrete.


Concrete Cutting (When Needed):

Joints may be cut to enable the concrete to move freely, eliminating binding and other restrictions.


Pumping Process:

Polyurethane mixture is pumped through pre-drilled holes under the concrete, putting pressure under the slab and raising it back to grade.


Hole Patching:

5/8″ Holes are filled with quick drying, non-shrinking concrete.


Site Cleanup:

The work area is cleaned up to finish the job, and equipment is put away.


Post-Job Consultation:

A post-job consultation with the customer occurs when possible. The customer is updated on the finished product and job details.


Poly-Pros Sidewalk Entrance Concrete Lifting - Before

                          A Sidewalk with Uneven Concrete Slabs –                          This is a Job for Poly-Pros!



Poly-Pros Sidewalk Concrete Polyurethane Foam Lifting - After

Another Sidewalk Fixed with Poly Lifting. If You Have Cracked or Uneven Sidewalks or Driveways, Contact Poly-Pros to Get It Fixed!