The Benefits of Poly Lifting (Foam Jacking):


Polyurethane foam lifting is more economical than the replacement of concrete.


Job times are short, and concrete that has been corrected can be used the same day as poly lifting occurs.


There is no disturbance of existing surroundings. All existing landscaping remains intact.


Hole with Twoonie

Drilled holes are about the size of the centre of a $2 coin


Spot the hole

This is a section of an exposed aggregate sidewalk where we have filled the hole

at the end of the job. Can you see the repair?


Poly Lifting vs. Mudjacking:


Drill holes are smaller. Drill holes for poly lifting are only 5/8″ compared to the 1.5″-2″ holes used for mudjacking.


There are not as many drill holes. Compared to mudjacking, poly lifting requires fewer drill holes for the material to lift.


The end results are more attractive. Polyurethane foam jacking uses smaller injection holes than mud jacking holes, so hole patching is much less obvious.


Polyurethane foam jacking weighs less.  Polyurethane weighs 2-4 pounds per cubit foot, compared to traditional mud that weighs 100-150 pounds per cubit foot. This makes poly lifting much less likely to overburden unstable soil.


Poly lifting is a long term solution.  Lifting settled concrete with polyurethane foam is considered a long term repair, not a temporary fix. Polyurethane high-density foam won’t lose density like mudjacking slurry.


Polyurethane foam won’t break down or wash out from water.