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Poly Pros Concrete Polyurethane Foam Jacking Trailer

The Poly-Pros Concrete Lifting Trailer



What is Poly Lifting (Foam Jacking)?

Polyurethane foam lifting is an economically positive solution to correcting uneven and cracked concrete.


What Poly-Pros Can Do for You:

The Poly-Pros concrete lifting division can correct your problem of uneven side walks, driveways, patios, and garage pads.  We can also fill in voids under concrete surfaces.


Why Concrete Sinks and Cracks:

Concrete can sink because of inadequate compaction, poor excavation, or erosion.  This erosion can be caused by issues like poor pitch, or improper drainage from down spouts.


Why Cracked and Uneven Concrete is a Problem:

Uneven concrete creates tripping hazards, poor drainage (future damage), and poor aesthetics.


Poly-Pros Concrete Lifting Rig Onsite Local


BEFORE                                           AFTER


Poly-Pros Concrete Poly Lifting Measured Before and After

Concrete Lifting with Polyurethane Foam